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In 2010, a young man had a vision of starting a new life in America. He arrived in the United States with very limited finances and took on any available job in Chicago, Illinois. While residing in Chicago, George Turcanu learned about the trucking industry, and it wasn't long before he obtained his CDL license and began driving long-haul rigs across the country. In less than a year, he acquired his first truck. A year later, he established GT Express, Inc., which has since expanded to a fleet of 200 tractor trailers that travel throughout all 48 states

Recognizing the demand for a reliable flatbed trailer rental company, George founded Truck & Trailer Group, LLC. Presently, he has hundreds of trailers on the road, with dozens readily available for rental.

Our inventory includes a variety of trailer types, such as Step Decks, Conestogas, RGN's, as well as standard 48' or 53' Flatbeds, all of which are accessible in our yard and ready for profitable journeys.

In terms of profitability, it's crucial to consider our month-to-month lease options. Committing to a 6-month to a 5-year lease with another company might become problematic when transitioning from hauling flatbeds to dry vans or reefers. With a month-to-month lease, switching to a different type of haul is hassle-free since you're not locked into extended payment plans.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that some companies charge on a four-week basis rather than monthly, resulting in 13 rent payments per year, not the standard 12.

Our business is founded on principles of honesty, reliability, and hard work, with our primary goal being to provide each customer with the highest level of service.

Feel free to give us a call or, even better, complete the application on our website, and we'll promptly get in touch with you. Thank you for visiting our website, and please remember to stay safe out on the road.